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“Stopppp, Jacob stopppp, no I won’t give it to you!” I scream as he tries to tickle me into giving him my TV remote “you won’t?” He says with an evil look in his eyes, I know there’s more tickling and tackling in store for me but I’m not going to surrender so easily “I would not” I reply him. He loosens his grip on me a bit and I turn to face him, he releases me and I try to run away but he holds my arm in place and he’s looking at me weirdly. “What” I yell at him “I want to kiss you” he says. I’m frozen in place and he grabs the remote from my hand, changing the channel to the super select he wants and he’s acting like he didn’t just say what I heard him say. I smack his arm and he whines a little still laughing, he says “what, you want to kiss me?” I roll my eyes at him. “I’m freezing my eggs” I dropped the bomb on him and knowing him, all his attention will be on me now. Giving me enough time to snatch the remote from his keep and it worked. I picked up the remote and ran to the back of the parlour and towards the room, he follows me yelling whens, whys and all the questions he could think about. “I haven’t decided yet Jacob, that was just an option the doctor gave today” I tell him in attempt to keep the questions from coming in “So why did you say that?” he continues with the questions “Because… Because I wanted the remote” I say realizing how stupid that idea was. “You had me really worried for a second” He says, looking more relieved than he was “Awwn, I’m sorry. Now I want to kiss you” I say and without thinking, I press my lips to his. Bile rose up to my throat, a sharp wave of electrons pierced through my chest, my stomach churned and I almost regret it even if it felt good. It wasn’t until he kissed me back that I realized how much I longed to be kissed and touched like I am right now.

“Hunger is the same, for food or for Jacob”.

ASWD, 2021 🍸

We break off and stare at each other, our eyes begged for another performance and I really believe the weather wasn’t helping because I could hear thunderstorms outside and a bit of rain on the roof. I want to apologize but he beats me to it “I shouldn’t have teased you like that” I hate that he regretted it because I liked it and I wanted more “it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have taken it so seriously” well since he’s being so sorry I guess two can play that game. He reaches for my hand and I pulled back “Michelle I didn’t know you felt…” I couldn’t let him complete “stop” I say, cutting him off “but you kissed me back” I say in an inquisitive manner “I did but…” he starts off “nvmd, we just got caught up in the moment” I say, cutting him off again. He tries to hold me but I’m too aware so I move back and tell him to go.
When I hear the main door close I walk over to keep it shut for the night and I retreat to my room. I call my mom to tell her how my appointment went and that I’ll be doing an early pelvic exam which got her riled up and I spent most of the time assuring her that I was alright and it was basically a routine inspection and they would find nothing. She almost convinced me to come home and she would’ve been successful save for the joint article I’m writing with Andrew. I put my phone off, ignoring a “we good?” message from Jacob and dosed off. Hours into my sleep, I wake up to pee and noticed my phone ringing beside me and I checked the caller ID and it’s Jacob, i let it ring out its time while I go on to use the bathroom. On getting back it has stopped ringing and I pick up my phone to see 13 missed calls. What! I really hope nothing happened to him. I go through a couple more messages he sent and it’s him asking me to pick up and him not being able to sleep blah blah blah. I feel bad but what would I say to him? Just then he calls again and I stare at my phone in contemplation whether to pick or not and i resolve to picking up. “Mich i can’t sleep” was the first thing he said to me and I already know that from his text but i don’t know why… maybe I do but i can’t believe it. “I just woke up” I say to him. “I don’t like fighting with you” he tells me “me too, I’m sorry. I let my emotions get the best of me” I tell him “please go to sleep now, we’ll talk about it later” I continue. “Alright, goodnight” he says, hanging up the phone. I didn’t feel relief as I should have, instead I felt entangled like I am doing something I shouldn’t be doing. It’s really hard to breath.

“Somebody saaave me”

ASWD, 2021

Author is singing smallville’s intro music, can you tell?

Author’s Note: okurrrrrrr. I like tea, if you’re here I know you always want more tea.

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Stifled Love – I Got The Best Gift Today (Chap. 15)

Happy Birthday To you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Dear Michelle
Happy Birthday to you

Birthdays remind me of butterflies, a full cycle again.

“Okay okay so now i need to hear y’all say the princess one”
Today is your birthday and i want to let you know that you will be queen for the day whatever you say goessss‘ they sang, dragging every word.
“And it is stamped” I say, squealing from excitement. It’s my 25th birthday and I’m determined to make the best out of it, I invited a couple of friends overrrrr well just Ann, Ann’s cousin, Andrew from work, Andrew’s girlfriend (I didn’t invite her, she just showed up), and Jacob but Jacob isn’t here, go figures. However, I’m not letting his mediocre actions get to me. “What is stamped Michelle? You’re starting to scare off your guests” Ann says “calm down fun police, my reign is stamped and I have evidence of my claim” I say pointing the screen of my phone towards them showing the video I made of them singing a Barbie song.

Continuing my speech, “I command you all to take shots” I say. Andrew looks at me with bewilderment “I haven’t seen you like this ever wow I never thought you could party, pass me a shot glass” he says. “Me too” Jay, Ann’s cousin says. Ann shoots me a knowing look but i ignore her and pass him a shot. Everyone had their shots in hand except Ann. “Ann?” I say pushing a cup towards her “I’m driving” she says trying to excuse herself but I’m too persuasive for her so she ends up taking one as well.
“We’ll all do this together at the count of…. One” and everyone raised up their glasses and downed their vodka, laughter soon filled the air as we played game after game. “Another round” I say and we all did another round except Ann, she would be driving home. We even did truth or dare at some point and Ann dared me to eat an entire cupcake at a go, I bet she was desperate to get even, Andrew and his girlfriend french kissed, Jay took an extra round of shot because he could not say his truth in front of Ann. It was so much fun bit i was missing something, someone. As much as my face was happy and my dress brightly coloured, my soul was grieving. I stand up to start cleaning out the room as we were now mostly tired. It’s late andAndrew and his girlfriend excused themselves, standing up to leave and I ushered them outside, leaving Ann, Jay and I. They’re helping me clean up, I’m in the kitchen trying to clean out when Ann walks in. “Why isn’t Jacob here?” She asks “I don’t know” I say not bothering to look at her. “Did something happen between you two?” She asks again. I hate being questioned, I hate it. “You should ask him” I say “funny thing is I did ask him and he’s on his way here right now so I’ll leave you guys to settle your issue” she says. I turn around to face her but she was gone, I couldn’t mouth any words. I hear the front door open and Ann says “Aha speak of the Devil, she’s in the kitchen” I hear the door close again signalling that she had left and I’m standing in one place starstruck
“Michelle” he calls me. I could feel his presence behind me but i didn’t face him, I couldn’t. I wasn’t mad at him, I was in fact angry at myself, my body yearned for him and I hated it. “Michelle” he called again. This time I could feel him closer and his cold Palm brush against my skin. “You’re late” I managed to say as I turned to face him, we were too close, the air was tight and the room was getting smaller. “I’m sorry” he says but i say nothing “I didn’t forget” he says, handing me a plain blue gift bag. I take it from him and place it on the counter. “I don’t want this, I want you” I tell him, moving closer to him, not stopping until I could feel my breast touch the up of his abs “I want you” I say again looking him in the eye. “I do too, but..” he tries to protest “no buts this time, just us” I say. He pulls me into him, carrying me up against his body and placing me on the counter top. “You won’t stop talking to me?” He asks, I say “no”. “You will pick my calls?” He asks, “Yes, I would” I tell him. “You won’t go AWOL on me?” He asks again, “No, I won’t. Now shut up and make love to me”. “Wait! You have to open your gift first” he says to me, handing over the gift bag. I take a peek inside all while smiling or rather blushing to find a rectangle box and I look up at him again and he says “open it” I do just that and I found the most beautiful gift I ever saw, it was a silver wristwatch, thin strap, mature and there I was admiring my gift, running my hands through the pretty stones in the face of the watch and he goes on to say “It’s customized” Ahh icing on the cake, I exclaimed in my mind, wondering what he wrote I turn the back of the watch and find the initials M.M hmmm I know M is Michelle but what’s the other M… “What does this mean?” I say to him laughing at how corny it all looks and he goes takes my free arm, looking at the watch, he says, “Marry Me” running his lines through the imprinted letters. “Lol What?” I exclaimed and then he looks at me and says “M.M., Marry me. Will you marry me?” I must be in a trance because how is Jacob now asking me to marry him? Wait why? “You don’t have to say yes now, you can think about it” he says and he tries to leave. I’m processing a lot of information in my head at once and I didn’t know when I blurted out “Yes” he was almost out to door already. I almost missed him.

Author’s Note: Fellow lovers of love, you like?

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Do men get heartbroken?

Love is a drug

We are all dealing

Addicts are adored…

A man walked into my compound yesterday, I was watching him because I know he doesn’t live here. He went to a corner and picked up his phone and started talking to someone so I guessed he wanted a quiet place to make a call because it was noisy outside. After some minutes he was still on the call and I noticed the strain in his voice and the amebo in me jumped out, i wanted to know what was going on so i turned off my light and opened my window, peeking outside. I couldn’t make out what this man was saying because he was also speaking in his language (Tiv). However, I heard a few phrases and I put two and two together. This man’s girlfriend most likely broke up with him over text, he came in here to call her, they have been dating for sometime, the girl most likely found someone better, this man was in love. How do I know? I couldn’t see his face clearly but i heard his voice when he said “you’re hurting me” repeatedly and then he said he was going to kill himself because he couldn’t live without her… he also mentioned that he was very heartbroken and he was begging her to stay that he was going to make her proud. I think he was mentioning the things he had done for her at some point because I heard him say something about 500 thousand on a shop and that he was ready to take care of her family. Mid convo, the girl hung up and i watched him pace while calling her back. I had to leave because I had heard too much and I started to feel pity for him.

💕Love is a drug and we’re all addicts💕
My two cents,

  1. Men get heartbroken too. I honestly feel like they love harder. The truth is that we women fall in love with men who don’t love us so it may seem that men don’t love and we fail to think about the men that call us endlessly, beg for attention, put themselves out there to provide and to protect because if we don’t like him, it’s disturbance… if we like him, it’s attention.
  2. Men should learn how to leave women that show them Amber light. Don’t let anyone keep you on any stupid queue, if she’s not giving you green light, it’s red light. “I’m not ready but i want you to wait for me” is the most selfish sentence ever made.
  3. Be kind to people, male or female. Just think, “if someone I like doesn’t like me, how would I want to be told?” Don’t just ghost people, give them closure and be straight forward. If I say I want a relationship with you and you don’t, then you tell me you want to be friends with me, that’s bullshit. The feelings I have is not light pink, it’s pepper red. We can’t be just friends, I’ll be hurting me.
  4. If you break up with someone, just go away all at once. Don’t keep coming back to drop “hi” when you’re lonely and horny, I’ll cry to God on your head because it’s like you want to destroy my life. Just go, don’t string along.
"Men may not show it but they sure do feel it. They do get heartbroken and cry and get drunk/high and wear lazy pants and listen to heart break songs. They're humans too. BE KIND."

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